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Deborah - Catching Fireworks

We can often be so caught up in the day to day running of our businesses that we forget about our long term aims. However, if we don’t know where we are going, how can we plan?

This is why taking some time out to look at the vision for your business can be not only valuable, but vital.

  • How do you want to feel running your business?
  • What are the feelings you want to evoke in others?
  • What actions do you want them to take?
  • What is the reputation you want to build?
  • What are the results you want to create?

There are some of the things we can cover in our coaching session.

Working with me, we can look at your long term vision so that you can begin to plan the next steps in your journey. By getting clear on your aims, your values, your audiences, etc., we can build up a picture which you can then take into your session with Anna and Saskia, so they can support you in communicating your story.

Saskia - Portray Your Story

Get a film that will help you tell you and your business’ story. Explain what makes you so passionate about your business, your artwork or your product. Lift up that curtain and show a behind the scenes of your creative business. Show your audience what it is that inspires you in your work. Explain all the processes that go into the making of your artworks and products with a film, that does justice to all this love and care you put into your creations.

Help your business to grow with a film that will show your passion, values and your mission. Want to know how a film can help you get more customers?

The benefits of a film for your business are so many and here are just a few:

  • It is a way for you to give your potential customers information that they do not have to read.
  • You build trust by showing yourself and all the love and care that goes into your (art)work.
  • Google loves film on your website and it will help you with your SEO.
  • Having your film on YouTube opens you up unto the second largest search engine.
  • Film is a highly sharable medium, reaching more people.

You might find it scary to step in front of the camera, but I promise you that I will be there to guide you through it. Together we will create something visually striking and beautiful!

Anna - Hellosocial.Media

Social media marketing is not an island – it absolutely must align with your overall business and marketing goals so that’s where we’ll start, to get a good understanding of how you want to present your business overall and what you plan to achieve with your marketing.

We will then look specifically at your Social Media marketing with this context in mind, and focus on how you can use your film made by Saskia to maximise this valuable new content asset.

I will advise you on how to make several pieces of content from the film and we will discuss tactics to increase its reach and visibility. I will show you techniques to encourage more engagement on your social media posts and we’ll discuss what kind of engagement will help you reach your business goals.

I will show you how to analyse the success of your posting so that after a few weeks we can have a second session to assess how your content has performed and what changes and tweaks may be helpful going forwards. We can also look at how to use your film, which will be such a rich content asset, longer term.


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